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What are they - blenders?


He smoothies that you try the cafe, was likely made using a powerful industrial apparatus. Such a device can very quickly turn into a puree plenty of fruits. However, the house is useless: too much space is required, and energy wasteful spending.

choose a blender for smoothies

Immersion blender can also cope with a refinement of fruit. But first, it may remain after the small pieces, and secondly, if immerse it in a container without a cover, can forget to clean dishes. It is unlikely that you will like to wash the walls after each use smoothies.
For desserts with a hand grinder can, of course, use special cup, but its volume is too small, so you have to make a separate batch for each family member.

Combined blender has at his disposal a plurality of orifices, one of which is quite suitable for milkshakes and fruit desserts. However, such a device is not cheap: versatility comes at a price. If you do not combine, you can stay on this option, but only for smoothies buy it does not make sense.
Finally, a stationary blender adapted for such desserts just perfect: open the lid, to throw fruit, ice cream and other ingredients, close, press the button - and you can treat goodies children. Caring for them is also easy: just rinse under the tap or enable self-cleaning.


Secrets of choice

To select a stationary blender for smoothies, it is necessary to take into account the following characteristics:
Power - an important indicator, which indicates the device's ability to handle different tasks. If you want to cook desserts only soft components (ice cream, milk, fruits, etc..), You can choose low-power model. Time to prepare it need not much more, but it will fulfill its task on "hurray". If you plan to use frozen fruit, ice or nuts, it is better to take the device with large capacity.

The volume of the cup. Since you have multiple children, it is better to take the cup a little more to not have to cook in several stages (children are impatient!). To know the true scope of the bowl, subtract the nominal figure of 200 grams (load bowl up to the top you can not).

Material parts. Samu cup in your case it is better to take the plastic, as the glass may break due to impatient little fingers. Besides hot you're not going to cook, but because the plastic possibilities you would be enough. Knives should be made of stainless steel - sturdy enough to handle solids.

Additional functions. Too "smart" device is not worth buying. Do you have enough simple device with the most important features: multiple speeds and the ability to chop ice.
Accessories. Some manufacturers equip their models of attachment for nuts, coffee grinder, and other additional accessories. To buy or not - decide for yourself. If you want to add to smoothies nuts, then a blender is to take. If simple desserts you enough, there is no need to spend extra money.
stationary blender for smoothies

Grind seeds or nuts in a conventional bowl is not easy, since they fly away and adhere to the walls. You will have some time to open the lid and remove them with a spoon of the walls, and then turn on the blender, holding it in his hands, shaking the cup, and dancing to the beat of the rotating blades. Children will enjoy, but you - hardly.

Finally let you know the good news: it is stationary blenders cheapest among other species. This is due to the lack of additional accessories and features that are not needed for making smoothies. Enjoy your shopping!

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